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Picture of Mud Mirror Art

A state in India which named as Gujarat, and Kutch is a place within the state. When I was travelling through that part of the land , I felt in love with the beauty and the art of the place. When you will come across that place , you will meet many ODD BHUNGA (Mud House) , and the houses are beautifully decorate by mirrors. Mostly they use circular mirrors to decorate the walls and this is called Lippan Kaam ( Lippan work).

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This Lippan work is also known as Mud Mirror Work. This is the traditional mural craft of Kutch. They define this work as LIPPAN means Mud-washing and KAAM means work.

Apart from the wall decoration they use their creativity over wooden panel to decorate their house. They people are highly creative as they can play with mud beautifully and shape the mud with stunning rich and embroidery patterns.

The mirrors they use are called as AABHLA and find in various shapes like round, diamond, triangular etc.. And they use white clay to print over the wooden panel.

Instead of wooden board , here I am using a white canvas board and its only because its easy availability. Otherwise if you have wooden board, only one thing you should do, you should add white clay layer uniformly first on the board and let it to dry for 4 to 5 days.

let go and make this beautiful craft.......

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Step 1: Materials and Tools Required

Materials Used :

1. Canvas Frame ( Amazon India / Amazon )

2. Acrylic Colour ( Amazon India / Amazon )

3. Shilpakar Clay ( Amazon India / Amazon )

4. Glue ( Amazon India / Amazon )

5. Mirror ( Amazon India / Amazon )

4. Talcum Powder ( Amazon India / Amazon )

Tools Used

1. Pallet Knife ( Amazon India / Amazon )

2. Brushes ( Amazon India / Amazon )

3. Pencil ( Amazon India / Amazon )

vbanaszak12 days ago
This is great! I love how colorful it is.
artwithdEva (author)  vbanaszak6 days ago
Thank You So Much....
RebeccaS18012 days ago
Beautiful end product. The photos and written instructions are very well done. I do have to say I don’t think I would have the patience for this craft. Each time I thought she was finished, she had something new to add.
artwithdEva (author)  RebeccaS1806 days ago
Thank you so much for all your kind words. I am glad to have this great compliment.
So fun and colorful! I love how the mirrors give the piece something extra :)
artwithdEva (author)  Penolopy Bulnick6 days ago
Thank You So Much..
This is such a cool effect! Thanks for the inspiration!
artwithdEva (author)  audreyobscura13 days ago
Thank You so much for your valuable compliment.
BayRatt14 days ago
Wow, is that ever beautiful! Sure would never know it was your first time. Excellent instructable. Thank you!
artwithdEva (author)  BayRatt13 days ago
Its completely my pleasure dear. Thanks for your valuable appreciation.
artwithdEva (author)  Creative Mom CZ13 days ago
Thank You So Much..